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Careers in White: 3 μέρες έμειναν για να βρείτε τη δουλειά των ονείρων σας!

Last 3 days of the Virtual Fair! You can easily find a better job now! If you want to see what jobs are now available for medical personnel in countries likeGermany, Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Norway, Sweden or event in the USAor South America, we invite you to access the last 3 days of the Virtual Fair. This online recruitment event offers you the possibility to apply to job offers from the comfort of your home, using any device connected to the Internet. You can talk with the recruiters in real time , about their job offers, free language courses and what documents you need in order to work in another country. 25 recruitment companies and medical centers are waiting for you online until July 3rd. In order to get in contact with them and to see their job offers, click here: Some of the job offers: - Specialist Doctor for Germany: - Specialist Doctor for France: - Resident Doctor for Germany: - Resident Doctor for Austria: - Paramedic for United Kingdom: - Nurse for United Kingdom: - Nurse for United States of America: - Midwife for Germany:

We also prepared a contest in order to celebrate the 8th edition of our Virtual Fair. Enter here:, tag someone who might be interested to attend the Virtual Fair you can win a Fitness Tracker FitBit Alta. Best regards, Careers in White Team

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