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JDN Activities Report - WMA General Assembly, Taipei 2016

Ακολουθεί το πλήρες κείμενο της αναφοράς από τη δράση του JDN κατά τη διάρκεια της πρόσφατα διεξαχθείσας στην Ταιπέι/Ταιβάν 67ης Γενικής Συνέλευσης του Παγκόσμιου Ιατρικού Συλλόγου. Στην πολυπληθή 35μελή αποστολή στην Ταϊπέι συμμετείχαν εκ μέρους των Ελλήνων Νέων Ιατρών, οι κ.κ. Κωνσταντίνος Ροδίτης, Πρόεδρος και Κωνσταντίνος Λούης, Αντιπρόεδρος και Ταμίας του Δ.Σ. του JDN-Hellas.


JDN Update from the 2016 WMA GA

Brief prepared by the 2016-2017JDN management team


The Junior Doctors Network held a one-day meeting on October 16th attended by

approximately 30 young physicians from the Asia-Pacific Region. Topics discussed included

post-graduate medical education, work hours, and junior doctors’ wellbeing across the region.

Specific conversations touched on ideas such as the sharing of best practices around

transitions of care, the evolving role of task shifting in the various countries represented, and the

negotiation of junior doctors contracts.


General proceedings

The Junior Doctors Network held its annual two-day meeting on October 17-18th. During this

meeting, nearly 50 participants from 14 countries gathered and discussed the ongoing work and

future directions of the organization. Reports were received from active working groups working

on antimicrobial resistance and on climate change and its associated effects on health. A new

working group was formed which has been tasked with exploring the ethical issues around the

non-psychiatric care of patients in psychiatric institutions. Additionally, the work of the strategic

planning working group was presented, proposing a draft of a revised mission, vision, and

strategic priorities for the organization.

Beyond the working group presentations, participants also had the opportunity to exchange

news and best practices from their respective countries. The junior doctors of South Korea were

selected as JDN Champions for 2016, taking the lead from the junior doctors of Peru. These

presentations were complemented by a session with Sir Michael Marmot and Dr Ardis Hoven,

accompanied by Dr Wu from the Taiwanese Medical Association who has generously hosted

our meetings.

Finally, the candidates for the 2016-2017 presented their candidature in the morning of the

second day and shortly thereafter the elections were conducted. The new management team

will be led by Dr. Caline Mattar, elected as JDN Chair.

Discussion on end of life issues

The afternoon of the second day of meetings was devoted to a panel discussion on “End-of-life

dilemmas” chaired by Dr. Louis Francescutti and featuring Dr. Erik van Wijlick (Netherlands), Dr.

Fernando Rivas (Spain), and Dr. Tom McLaughlin (Canada). The session was designed to

engage the participating junior doctors in a vigorous dialogue about tackling end-of-life care and

delving into ethical and value discussions around assisted death. Consideration was given to

current medical practices on end-of-life decisions in various countries like Spain, the

Netherlands and Canada. The ethical and legal challenges of physician-assisted death were

also explored. Throughout the session junior doctors exchanged differing points of view and

were given the tools to engage in such discussions locally after having been exposed to a wide

breadth of opinions from around the world. A fascinating discussion on the underlying value

systems which support these opinions concluded the workshop. This session was also attended

by several WMA council and associate members.

Junior Doctors Network Strategic Planning

The JDN Strategic Planning working group was created in early 2016 and tasked with revisiting

the mission and vision statements of the JDN. Composed of 20 JDN members on 6 different

continents, the group based much of its work off of data obtained through the 2015 JDN

Membership Survey. A one page document has been prepared outlining a new mission and

vision for the organization, and exploring its overarching strategic priorities.

Dr. Paxton Bach, chair of the working group, delivered a presentation to those in attendance

unveiling this document designed to define the core objectives of our network. A discussion

period ensued, allowing members to provide feedback on the draft. The overall consensus was

a positive one, and the document has now been distributed to all JDN members via the mailing

list to allow for further comments and suggestions. Once feedback has been compiled, the

working group hopes to finalize its draft within the next few months, allowing the process of

adoption and implementation to begin.

Working group on the Elections process:

Given the fact that our current election procedures were designed at the inception of the

network, at a time where there were three positions to be filled, very few candidates and few

voting members, a new procedure to organize the elections process was long overdue. Under

the leadership of Dr Lujain Al-Qodmani, a working group was started several months ago and

brought a proposal for regulating the elections through strict deadlines and voting rights

verification, modeling after the election procedures of WMA. This proposal was presented to the

group of members present and will be taken back to the general membership for feedback. It

will be implemented at our next round of elections in 2017.


Policy engagement

The WMA policy statement on Ethical Considerations in Global Medical Electives was adopted

at the WMA GA in Taipei, with the JDN being a strong supporter since its first conception 3

years ago.

The Junior Doctors' Network has also contributed two new policy proposals for the WMA to

consider: one on the ethical handling of smallpox virus stockpiles and the other representing an

update of the New Delhi Resolution on Climate Change. Both of those resolutions were

accepted at the Associate Members' Meeting and forwarded to Council by the General

Assembly. The JDN is looking forward to engaging with NMAs during the circulation and

commenting process of these policies.

Environmental caucus

Members of the Junior Doctors Network participated enthusiastically in the meeting of the

environmental caucus and provided an update from activities at COP21 and planned activities

at COP22. Furthermore, they expressed the continued interest in continuing to engage with the

environmental caucus, namely through the means of a mailing list that would be setup to allow

communications to be maintained between in-person meetings.


The JDN has continued its efforts to support the work of the WMA by authoring various articles

published in the World Medical Journal on global issues in medicine and medical ethics. The

most recent addition was an article on the health of asylum seekers in Europe, which was

complemented by the WMA resolution on Refugees and Migrants adopted at the GA in Taipei.

The JDN working group on antimicrobial resistance has submitted a WMJ article entitled “One

Health and Antimicrobial Resistance”, summarizing the current literature on the topic and

highlighting its rising importance as a major health issue globally. This is particularly timely

coming on the eve of the second annual One Health Conference, held in collaboration with the

Japanese Medical Association, the World Veterinary Medical Association, and the Japanese

Veterinary Medicine Association. Antimicrobial resistance will play a prominent role at this

conference and has also recently been included on the agenda at the UN General Assembly in

New York, underscoring its rising importance.


The following officers were elected for the new Management Team:

Caline Mattar (Lebanon) Chair

Paxton Bach (Canada) Deputy Chair

Konstantinos Roditis (Greece) Secretary

Yassen Tcholakov (Canada) Socio-Medical Affairs Officer

Mariam Parwaiz (New Zealand) Education Director

Chukwuma C. Oraegbunam (Nigeria) Medical Ethics Officer

Chiaki Mishima (Japan) Membership Director

Daniel Gbujie (Nigeria) Publications Director

Mardelangel Zapata (Peru) Communications Director

Ahmet Murt (Turkey) Immediate Past Chair

Elizabeth Wiley (USA) Immediate Past Deputy Chair

The Junior Doctors Network is looking forward to continuing to provide a forum for young

physicians to participate in discussions, to engage with national Junior Doctor representatives,

and to contribute to the work of the World Medical Association. As always we are open to any

comments and suggestions on our activities as we continue to evolve. For further information

please contact

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