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Translations Team

Who can take part in JDN-Hellas' translations team?


The team consists of 3-5 active members of our Network, no matter if they are EB members or not, given the fact they have paid their annual dues for the past 2 years.


What does the translations team do?


The team's objective is the translation of documents and statements of interest to junior doctors from English to Greek. Those may originate from the WMA and the JDN/WMA or any other third party and be related to issues and topics that affect junior doctors on European or international level (i.e. Medical Ethics Manual of WMA, Social Media and Medicine White Paper of JDN/WMA etc.). End goal of the translation of those documents is their dissemination to our members and Greek junior doctors in general, as well as to the general medical community of Greece. Also, to use those documents to sensitize the general public, as well as in the context of advocating for junior doctors' issues in the future.

How can I become a member of the translations team?


Simply by sending an e-mail expressing your interest at jdnhellas[at]! The EB will contact you soon to explain further details, as well as to invite you to join the team's internal communications / Translations Team Google Group.


More information about candidate documents for translation:

- Manual on Medical Ethics, WMA edition -


- Stateent "The use of social media in Medicine", JDN/WMA edition -


- Statement on "Physicians' Well-being", WMA policy -


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