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Junior Doctors' Network -

World Medical Association


The Junior Doctors Network (JDN) is made up of junior doctors who independently join the World Medical Association (WMA) as Associate Members, although many are also representatives of their respective National Medical Associations. Any junior doctor who is a member of the WMA may be part of the JDN.


The JDN was formed in Vancouver, October 2010 to create a platform to represent junior doctors worldwide and for them to ensure their voice is heard within the WMA and globally.


The JDN provides the natural progression and development of the existing relationship between the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA) and the WMA. The inaugural JDN meeting was held at the WMA General Assembly in Uruguay, October 2011 and since then, WMAJDN meetings have been run in conjunction with the WMA Executive Council Meetings and the General Assemblies.


Its mission

The goal of the JDN is to provide a forum for experience-sharing, policy discussion, project and resource development on issues of importance to junior doctors, including (but not limited to) post-graduate medical education, well-being, and the health system workforce.


Find out more about JDN and WMA, by visiting the JDN Webpage.


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